Interpretation des Erdbebens Ali: Strom abbrechen, Zhang Yong, Dai Shan zum Erfolg ausbilden und Jiang Fan seine Fehler wiedergutmachen lassen

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Update time : 2022-05-13 18:54:21

Readers and fans asked me to comment on Alibaba's recent personnel earthquake. Since I have no time to be distracted in writing this year's third novel "town youth", I can only taste it and talk about my superficial views from point to point, hoping to throw a brick to attract jade and inspire my friends.

Since Ma Yun resigned as chairman of Alibaba Group on teacher's day in 2019, Zhang Yong, the operator who made "double 11" an online shopping carnival, took advantage of the trend and became the "number one person" of Alibaba. It has to be said that as a professional manager, Zhang Yong's ability and ability to be competent for the post need to be expressed by performance. Although it is not just the ability that affects the performance, but also the right time and place, that is, policies, trends, natural disasters (such as the epidemic), these can be attributed to "luck" - in terms of luck, Alibaba is indeed a little unlucky, and it has been going downhill in the past two years.

But the general environment is the same for everyone, and so is its opponent JD. But when Alibaba's flower ebb tide receded, JD was catching up and handed over a relatively satisfactory answer sheet, showing strong vitality. Therefore, we can't simply attribute everything to luck, because under the influence of the epidemic, the physical stores are defeated like a mountain, but the e-commerce is the nephew playing the Lantern - as usual (uncle), it is still in development, and has become one of the few industries that have not been depressed by the epidemic. Alibaba's performance from performance to stock market performance highlights a truth: that is the ability of people at the helm, including the ability of people at the helm to turn the tide in difficult times.

It seems that Zhang Yong still lacks a little domineering in turning the tide. As a professional manager entrusted with important tasks, Zhang Yong must explain something and be responsible to shareholders. When Ma Yun handed Alibaba over to Zhang Yong, we don't know how he explained it. However, since Zhang Yong has taken over the letter of appointment, it should be the heavy responsibility on his shoulders and be restrained, rather than doing well and doing badly. As the number one figure in Alibaba today, Zhang Yong is to blame - of course, Ma Yun, who caught Alibaba in the vortex of public opinion, is also to blame. Therefore, it is reasonable to remove the legal representative and chairman of tmall and Taobao and cut off some of their rights.

Why Dai shanshang, not Jiang Fan, whom both Ma Yun and Zhang Yong are optimistic about? Since Jiang Fan had an affair with Zhang Dayi, a big online celebrity supported by Alibaba, and was angrily torn by "Huahua Dong Huahua" by Jiang Fan's family, Jiang Fan has ruined the future of his successor since he was investigated and dealt with by Alibaba. As one of the eighteen Arhats of Alibaba who started a business with Ma Yun, Dai Shan may not be the strongest, but she is the only founder who struggles in the front line of business. She knows Ma Yun and Alibaba. She has worked in personnel for many years and has a clear understanding of Alibaba's culture. If Alibaba wants to get up after falling, continue to develop and move forward, it really needs a person who understands Ma Yun's ideas and Alibaba culture to preside over the overall situation. Facts have proved that outsiders, including Zhang Yong, are not acclimatized to how to steer Alibaba, a commercial super aircraft carrier. He may be an experimental stone that can explain the problem - maybe Ma Yun wants to understand, go around, or need his own people to do better and more reassuring. It is true that whether it is done well or not depends on the performance. It is still too early to draw a conclusion now. Dai Shan is also in the experimental stage. It does not rule out the possibility of major adjustment and other major personnel arrangements in the future.

As a former "crown prince", Jiang fan is a hero, sad and beautiful. He has completely destroyed his "future of the crown prince" - maybe he has the ability, but "one day is a thief, all his life is a thief". There is little chance to turn over again in Alibaba and become a successor. Of course, this will not prevent Jiang Fan from being reused and may take over any important post other than the successor. This time, Jiang Fan was demoted to the overseas digital business sector, which not only gave him a real warning, but also did not kill him with a stick. Overseas business in Alibaba is not only a chicken rib but also an opportunity compared with Taobao and tmall, because Taobao and tmall account for more than two-thirds of Alibaba's business share.

But the more white paper, the better painting. Whether Ma Yun or Zhang Yong, don't you think Jiang Fan's ability is extraordinary? Then give him a responsibility field to be developed. If Jiang Fan has the ability, he can cultivate this responsibility field carefully and do it well. It can become an important business sector of Alibaba and convince Alibaba inside and outside; If you can't do it, I'm sorry. Don't blame Alibaba for not giving Jiang Fan a chance - whether Jiang fan can make a comeback depends on himself.

It is rumored that Jiang Fan has divorced his original partner and has obtained the certificate with Zhang Dayi. I hope Jiang Fan will put more time and energy into his career after straightening out his feelings, control himself and don't repeat the mistakes again - after all, Jiang fan is young, handsome, powerful and rich. He faces more temptations and has a long way to go in the future.

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